Crown Highways recognise that the nature of our business may have the possibility of causing a negative impact on the environment and therefore are committed to reducing the impact on the environment made by our operations both out on site and in our offices.

Crown have implemented an environmental management system and are committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice relating to its industry and activities. It is Crown Highways’ objective to operate with, and to maintain good relations with all regulatory bodies.

Crown Highways’ Sustainability Policy includes:

  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements
  • The reduction of any waste materials produced
  • Wherever possible, recycling of any ‘waste materials’
  • Avoid the unnecessary printing of documents to save paper
  • A vehicle policy in place that states that new vehicles must meet the current legislation regarding emissions
  • Good planning/programming to minimise the amount of vehicles required regarding journeys made to and from site
  • Avoid the use of postal services by way of emailing documents wherever possible. Saving on transportation and reducing the use of paper
  • Recycling of office equipment, e.g. donating computers, screens and printers to local charities/organisations
  • Energy saving measures to include the use of low energy lighting and ensuring all office equipment is turned off or on stand‐ by settings
  • Printing cartridges and drums are returned to the suppliers for recycling
  • The purchasing of cardboard storage/archive boxes etc. that are made with re‐cycled paper
  • The purchasing of products that are low impact on the environment
  • Where possible, the avoidance of unnecessary journeys to meetings etc. by use of instant messaging, video/audio conferencing, telephone calls and e‐mails.